Just finished “Montgomery Clift” by Patricia Bosworth…

I’ve earmarked several pages and will be making a lot of GIFS over the next few days. It was a very confronting book, especially as a die-hard fan of Monty’s, but definitely worth the read. I will say, I was thinking while reading it that “I don’t love this man as much as I used to”- but I changed my opinion towards the end of the book. I even cried when they talked about his death. He was an extremely troubled individual who just wanted to be a great actor. Unfortunately, due to his childhood, bisexuality and addictions, he was never able to get it together. It’s both easy and hard to see why he has been forgotten by Hollywood today. But it still is tragically sad. 

Definitely recommended. Just, be aware, he was a VERY troubled individual and there are some shocking tales told by his friends and family throughout the book. Nonetheless, his talent cannot be denied.

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"We all got totally soused somewhere on the West Side- and I remember Monty shouting to Liz, ‘You are the only woman I will ever love’, and Elizabeth slumped in a chair staring at him with those magnificent violet eyes and crooning, ‘Baby, oh baby’, over and over again" - Ed Foote recalling his last memory of Montgomery Clift

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